25 Creative and Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for Couples (2024)

Scrapbooks are a great way to commemorate your love. Whether you just toss in a page on your anniversary every year or document everything you do together, they are a special keepsake to look back on as your relationship matures and remember where you started. Many avid scrapbookers keep one for every area of their lives. But, even if you aren’t good at everyday documentation, you may find a use for the occasional venture into the papercrafts world. For instance, if you’re struggling with a romantic gift idea for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then a couple’s scrapbook might be the answer!

The following scrapbook ideas for couples will give you the inspiration to use creative, humorous, and special ways to detail your love story. They range from easy layouts for beginners to intricate DIY scrapbook masterpieces. Let’s get to it!

Couples Love These Date Ideas

For the perfect way to document all your shared adventures, snag a copy of Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. Not only does it have over 50 incredible, adventurous, and creative date ideas, but it also has space to write and preserve all of your awesome memories!


Getting Started With Your Couples’ Scrapbook Adventure

If you’re a total beginner, then you are in luck! There are so many places to score amazing scrapbook supplies now. You can go full-on DIY and make everything handmade. Just head for Hobby Lobby and get lost in the multiple aisles of card stock, stickers, and stamps. If you’re lost for inspiration, you won’t stay that way long. Just be careful as you can rack up a pretty big bill if you aren’t careful.

If that sounds exhausting to you, and you aren’t that creative, you can print amazing pre-designed templates from Pinterest! Just peruse, print, and populate… easy peasy! You can even make your scrapbook completely virtual! Online platforms like Smilebox will help you create beautiful virtual scrapbooks. These are great because you can even include video footage in them. Smilebox also has stunning ideas for greeting cards, collages, and loads of tutorials.

Whether you decide to cut out everything by hand and create a DIY masterpiece or go completely virtual is up to you. It’s your love scrapbook, you can do it any way you want!

The Best Ideas for Couples’ Scrapbooks

These lovey-dovey scrapbook ideas are perfect for documenting your relationship. You can build a scrapbook around each idea here, or just compile one book with these ideas as pages or chapters within your larger love scrapbook.

1. Document your anniversaries.

Say I love you with the perfect anniversary gift for your lifelong best friend. This scrapbook layout works best if you’re a bit of a love-hoarder. Do you keep the ticket stubs from your anniversary movie dates? The handmade cards from your Valentine’s Day gifts? If so, with this theme, you’ll simply make a page for each year of your lives together, displaying the mementos that you have from that anniversary celebration.

We are going to leave the details of this one all up to you. You can make a theme and color scheme for each page, based on the contents. You could also pick a color theme, say black and gold, for your entire album and keep it consistent all the way through. It’s up to you!

We love this premade, wooden anniversary scrapbook from Etsy. Not only does it have lined pages to contain your meaningful messages to your love, but it also looks great displayed in your home! If you love a good vintage look, this embellishment pack is adorable!

If this DIY scheme is too much for you, make it more simple. Take one photo from each year or month you have spent together. Print them, and place them on a black background with a white frame. Write a note under it, detailing what was happening in the photo and why it’s special to you, and place the appropriate number sticker somewhere on the page. It’s simple. It looks great, and it won’t take you all month to make!

2. Compile your love notes.

If you and your significant other are note writers, consider compiling your favorite love letters to each other. It’s important to preserve these precious letters, so you’ll want to photocopy them onto acid-free paper. You could also just laminate them and use the actual letter in your album. The good thing about photocopies is that you can make them smaller to fit in your template better!

If you aren’t super creative, no worries, there are millions of free printables on Pinterest to make your scrapbook pages look professional. Just print them on acid-free paper, and you’re good to go!

3. Create an old-school photo album.

We all have thousands of photos on our phones, but what are you ever going to do with them? One of the most romantic scrapbooking ideas is to compile your favorite photos into an album that you can both look back at together and remember your favorite memories.

Canva is a free online design platform where you can create photo collages and print high-quality versions. Upload all the pics from your phone into one of their pre-made layouts, and print them for your scrapbook album. It’s user-friendly, and Canva has so many beautiful layout ideas!

If you want to create your album virtually instead, hop onto Shutterfly or Snapfish and upload your favorite pics. You can design it all yourself or use one of their pre-designed books. Once you have it the way you want it, they will print a professional photo album and ship it to you! They are made by you but look completely professional. It’s the best of both worlds.

4. Record your adventures.

If you and your partner are explorers, then an adventure book is the perfect idea to document your love. It also makes a great birthday gift for your loved one!

Oooh… you could also give it to them as a wedding gift! Yeah, do that. That’s the best gift we can think of!

This adorable book from Etsy is perfect for documenting your trips together. Fill its pages with these beautiful map layouts. They are fully customizable and will make it easy for you to keep track of all your most excellent adventures together!

5. Memorialize your wedding.

Many couples now have professional photo albums made into scrapbooks for their wedding, but if your wedding was a bit too early for this trend, you can make a handmade wedding scrapbook instead. Dust off those old photos and relive the best day of your lives. This leather-bound monogrammed album is a good place to start.

6. Celebrate what you love.

Are you guys foodies? Do you love baseball games? Collect Harry Potter memorabilia? Whatever that thing is that you do together, make an album totally devoted to your hobby!

7. Dedicate a page or a whole book to your most romantic date.

What’s the one date you really remember? Is there a particular one that sticks in your mind-that moment in time when you knew that your partner was the one? Document your best date together with this romantic layout. Make sure to write a few lines on why you loved this date so much and what you felt that night.

8. Chronicle a year of dates.

For a great one-year anniversary gift, compile a book of all your favorite dates over your year of dating. The web is filled with scrapbook page ideas detailing your first date. Pick a theme you like and go with it, tracking your dates in chronological order up to your first anniversary. This incredibly charming gesture is not only a great gift, but if your love continues for years to come, you will be able to look back at your first year together and remember all the little moments when you first fell in love.

9. Count the days.

Another way to document your days together is to do a countdown scrapbook. Each page will stand for a day, month, or year that you have been together. “On this day, we have been together 6,000 days,” or whatever. You get the point. Either do one page a month (or year) or do calculations on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

We love this idea because it really puts into perspective how much time you have spent as a couple. It’s adorable, and it’s easy. For couples who have been together a long time, you will definitely want to document in years, but if you’re just getting together, you can calculate how many seconds you have spent with your bae if you want! Just makes sure to document the date with your calculation so that it makes sense when you flip through it later.

10. Get nostalgic.

Document all the things that make your love unique. Make a page for your special song. Design a page for your favorite love quotes. Do you have a movie that you return to over and over, make a page documenting what makes it “your movie.” Every love is different and special and deserves to be preserved!

11. Plan for the future.

You can make your scrapbook something of a dream board if you want. Cut out pictures of the living room you want. Make a page full of possible baby names. Know what house you want to build? Clip the blueprints and build a page around that. Drop stickers of all the bucket list items you want to see in your travels and write a few notes to your future selves. It will be interesting to look back in several years and see which parts came true, and what things you can’t believe you ever wanted in the first place!

12. Write a daily note.

Construct a scrapbook that is really a colorful journal. You don’t need a full page a day for this one, but a corner will do. Grab a cute template with lots of squares like this one, and jot down a quick note each day about your love. Every day might not contain the nicest note, and that’s okay. If you’re mad, write that. If you had a great dinner, write that. Whatever happened today, just jot it down. It’s a quick and easy way to document your love and before you know it, you’ll have years of your life written in one place to share with your grandkids!

13. Preserve texts.

If you and your love are prolific texters, then create a scrapbook around your text commentary. Either take screenshots or just print out your texts on some pretty paper, and paste them in. You could also transcribe your favorite text messages in your own handwriting for a more handcrafted look.

The only hard thing about this one will be fishing through all the day-to-day stuff to find those mushy texts. You probably aren’t going to want to preserve your grocery lists or what time the soccer game is, so it may take some sifting. You may want to start starring or taking screenshots of your favorite texts from here on out so you don’t have to go digging.

14. Take notes on enduring your long-distance romance.

If you and your boo are a long-distance couple, make a scrapbook page with a map that includes both of your locations. Mark each location with a heart or whatever icon sticker you want. Then, document how far apart you are in several different methods. For instance, “3,000 miles,” “57,666 steps,” or “a 20-hour bike ride.” Think of some crazy things, like how long it would take to roller skate to each other or how many sticks of gum you would need to line up to get to each other. Go crazy with it!

15. Don’t forget the pooch!

Our pets are a giant part of our lives and are present for all our little special moments. If you and your partner have a furry family member, create a page that details how you got them, what you love about them, and the date they came into your life. Add a page for their birthday every year with some of your favorite memories of them.

16. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

A simple but sweet scrapbook idea is listing things you love about your partner. You could do several on one page, or make a whole scrapbook devoted to reasons you love them. We have seen these written in more of a cartoon book form and given as gifts as well. You can create one of these online at the Book of Us if you want a professional, bound book.

17. Celebrate the fruits of your labor.

If you and your partner have children together, then they are probably the most important part of your relationship. They are literally the culmination of you joining your lives together. Document your best gifts with a page all their own, dedicated to their birth. Write down all the baby details and include a pic of you and your SO on the day you got your bundle of joy!

18. Inspire yourselves with a bucket list!

If you and your partner are goal setters, then make a page in your scrapbook for all the benchmarks you’re aiming at! Leave room for checking them off and writing a few details when you complete them. This is a great way to keep up with all the things you have achieved together and keep yourselves looking forward to all the journeys ahead.

19. Remember who you are as individuals.

Dedicate a page in your love scrapbook to each of you as an individual. You can include baby pics, hobbies, employment, education, or anything that makes you who you are. It’s the merging of two distinct individuals that makes your relationship a success, so take a page to celebrate your individual awesomeness!

20. Get a bit racy!

Did you join the mile-high club? Hook up on the beach at night or do the naughty in a memorable spot. This is your personal scrapbook, document that stuff! Create a page on your erm… “favorite memory.” How detailed you get is totally up to you, but whatever you document, it will be fun to look back on later.

21. Savor sweet moments.

Take a page or two and jot down all the most endearing things your partner has ever done for you. This is creative sure, but it’s also a good therapeutic exercise. Writing down all the good things your partner does will help you remember why you love them so much, a good reminder for those days when you really just want to strangle them. We all have those days!

22. Make a different kind of honey-do list.

Every relationship has things that could be better, and healthy couples tackle problems head-on together. Get with your partner and make a list of a few things that you want to work on. Make it official with a page in your book. This will allow you to see it every time you open your scrapbook to add a page, reminding yourself to do better! This is another one of those things that’s fun to look back on years later and remember the evolution of your relationship with all its hardships and epic accomplishments.

23. Document your special timeline.

Map out the important dates of your lives together on an old-school timeline. Timelines are a wonderful way to see the big picture all at once. Start with the day you met or your first date. Move along from there documenting your first trip together, your wedding date, and the day you adopted your pup. Whatever is important to you, slap it on the line. Make sure to leave room for future big events.

24. Share selfies.

You likely have loads of selfies with your SO, doing absolutely nothing special. These pics are often humorous and detail the everyday awesome moments of life together. Collect your favorite photos of the two of you and slap them together in a collage or nothingness.

25. Tell your love story!

Take a page in your scrapbook and write the story of your love. Everyone’s favorite love story is their own, right? Jot down all the details of your lives together and how they came to be. You don’t have to be a great writer. No one will ever see it unless you want them to. On second thought, it would be pretty special to share it with your kids and grandkids someday!

Closing Thoughts

There they are, the 25 best scrapbook ideas for couples! We hope you found a good idea to help you document your most important relationship. Let us know in the comments any more ideas that you have for couples scrapbooking.

If you need a few new activity ideas for that “Celebrate What You Love” scrapbook page, check “The Best Hobbies For Couples To Do Together.” It’s filled with fun and exciting adventures we are sure the two of your will love!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in a couple’s scrapbook?

Scrapbook ideas for couples include pages dedicated to your first date, a collection of your love notes, things you love about your partner, and mementos from your favorite outings together.

How do you start a relationship scrapbook?

Documenting your love story is important. Before you get started, make a list of couples’ scrapbook ideas, then check out Pinterest for printable templates. Stock up on stickers and paper, and get busy!

How do you document your relationship?

If you want to document your relationship, consider filling a couples’ scrapbook with all your mementos. To chronicle your most memorable dates, use an adventure journal or a special activity book.

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25 Creative and Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for Couples (2024)


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