Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (2024)

Henry David Thoreau once said “There is no remedy for love, but to love more.”

Love is in the air and every February 14th we celebrate our amour on Valentine’s Day with cards, flowers, candies, and gifts. But the greatest gift of all is spending the day with the one you love, doing the things you love best.

San Diego’s temperate climate is conducive to outdoor play, making it easy to celebrate this beloved holiday in the great outdoors. Be it adventurous or romantic, we have some outdoor date ideas for San Diego that will surprise and delight your special someone, providing memories that will long outlive a wrapped present.

Top-5 popular romantic tours in San Diego

  • 🚢 Relax in style aboard a luxury dinner cruise and enjoy panoramic views from the boat’s deck with this Dinner Cruise
  • 🐋 Go on a whale-watching expedition in San Diego on this 3-hour cruise and board a 2-story yacht that gives you 360-degree views of the ocean
  • 🍲 Sample cuisine with influences from Mexico, Asia and Italy with this walking tasting tour
  • 🍷 Sip on some of the best wines in the San Diego area during this Temecula Wine Country Tour
  • 🌊 Admire views of the vibrant blue ocean and craggy coastline as you travel south and across Mexican border with this Baja California Coastal Day Trip
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How about packing an overnight bag for the love of your life and surprising him or her with a stay at one of these San Diego romantic hotels? I’ve done this, and my husband LOVED it! Staycations in San Diego are the best!

L’Auberge Del Mar is a popular wedding venue and for good reason. This luxury resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean is located in the heart of charming Del Mar village.

The Hotel del Coronado is so romantic, there’s no need to even venture past this historic resort to find perfect magical moments. And you’ll enjoy some of San Diego’s most kissable sunsets.

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (2)

La Valencia Hotel, the historic pink lady of La Jolla offers jaw-dropping Pacific views and salty breezes. One of my favorite hotels in La Jolla. Couples here can enjoy an unforgettable romantic boutique experience while channeling the passionate spirit of Old Hollywood.


A few years ago, my hubby totally surprised me with a sunset hot air balloon trip. It was completely unexpected, exciting, thoughtful, and romantic, especially accompanied by champagne. He told me to dress warm with lots of layers but wouldn’t reveal the surprise until we arrived.

Lucky for San Diegans we can choose between balloons that soar high above San Diego’s coastline or venture up north a bit further to Temecula to float over the vineyards at sunrise or sunset. Either way (and we’ve done both), they are amazing unforgettable experiences. Find the best Hot Air Balloon offers here>>

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On February 11th & 12th, 2023, grab your partner and head to Carlsbad Village and go on a fun and exciting treasure hunt. All around Carlsbad Village, 200 handblown glass hearts are hidden in plain sight.

If you find one, you not only get to keep the stunning heart, but you’ll receive a code to enter a giveaway with cool prizes. Find all the details here>>

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Yes, you read that right. Though we can’t recreate cruising through the canals of Venice, Italy, San Diego does have gondolas.

The Gondola Company takes riders on a relaxing romantic adventure through the calm canals of the Coronado Cays. These 50-minute tours (with private touring options) take place on weekends with reservations required.

The company is hosting a Valentine’s Cruise that included a complimentary truffle plate and souvenir wine glasses. Select wines are available for purchase, or guests may bring their own beverages.


In San Diego, beaches and picnics just seem to go hand in hand. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than packing some luscious goodies in a picnic basket and heading to the beach for a stunning sunset?

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (5)

Two of our favorite locations are Ellen Browning Scripps Park at the La Jolla Cove and the beach in Del Mar. Both offer soft grassy knolls to lay a blanket down and admire the stunningly picturesque Pacific views. Not only are the sunsets magnificent but when the sky is ablaze in color after the sun disappears beyond the horizon, it’s magical.

PopUpPicnicoffers to organize and set everything up for you. I am in LOVE with the Boho style picnic!!!


When was the last time you went old-school and took in a drive-in movie? Well, you can do that here in San Diego, and what a novel concept for an old-fashioned Valentine’s surprise.

A $10 adult ticket provides admission for two movies playing on the same screen at South Bay Drive-In Theatres. A snack bar on site is available for food and drink purchases, although patrons are also free to bring their own popcorn, candy, beverages…and lipstick.

You have two options for drive-in movie theaters in San Diego:
South Bay Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet
Santee Drive-In Theatre

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There’s something special about being on the water, especially on our scenic San Diego Bay. Any warm sunny day is perfect for a sail, but a Valentine’s sunset sail catching the sun melt into the sea is a perfect romantic experience.

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (7)

You’ll find many small, private sailing trips in and around the San Diego harbor or further out in the Pacific.Take a look at these:

And how about a nautical adventure on one of San Diego’s newest additions to the waterfront? Triton Charters 75-foot vessel can host a number of guests, though due to the impressive size of the boat, no one feels crowded, and social distancing is carefully adhered to. With its full bar stocked and refreshments, you’ll find everything you need for an evening with your special someone.

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (8)


An unknown author once wrote that “Love like wine gets better with time.” So how about taking your favorite Valentine wine tasting?

Temecula Valley offers some incredible wine tasting experiences and being outdoors makes it even more special to enjoy the bucolic rolling hill vineyard views. Some of our favorite wineries with a view include Robert Renzoni, where you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Tuscany. To make it extra special, stay at one of these romantic winery hotels in Temecula.

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (9)

Carter Estate is the perfect place to relax under the trees overlooking the vineyards. Ponte Vineyard Inn offers stunning views of Temecula Wine Country, and patio views from South Coast Winery Resort and Spa are simply spectacular.


How does a 90-minute evening sunset cruise from Oceanside Harbor aboard a luxurious Oceanside Adventures Catamaran sound? Add in the fact that the cruise also features an appetizer platter and three tastes of Oceanside’s own Beach House Winery vintages.

Stunning views at sunset, dolphins and other wildlife sightings come at no extra charge. Private charters are available as well. Read our 5 Reasons to visit Oceanside for a quick getaway here>>

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (10)


Hiking may not seem a romantic thing to some, that is until you hike Torrey Pines. This La Jolla state natural reserve has some of the most impressive vistas imaginable. Meandering well-maintained wilderness paths provide breathtaking glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Trails ultimately lead to lofty cliffs overlooking miles of magnificent coastal beach.

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (11)

Surrounded by stunning sandstone formations, the Reserve offers multiple hikes of varying lengths and difficulties past picturesque Torrey pines, desert succulents, and colorful wildflowers. It’s a great way to get exercise and fresh air with the one you love, and it’s simply magnificent. For an even more memorable experience, hike at night and enjoy one of the top stargazing spots in San Diego.


Glen Ivy Hot Springs is about 1.5 hours north of San Diego, about halfway between Temecula and Riverside. There, you will find natural hot springs with mineral-rich waters, mud baths, tropical landscaping and beautiful pools, and of course spa treatments that will make you feel pampered and rejuvenated. Read our full review of Glen Ivy Hot Springs here>>

Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (12)

Whatever your inclination, we hope these ideas will help make your outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day this year very special.

Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas was written by Noreen Kompanik for San Diego Explorer.


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Most Romantic Outdoor San Diego Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (2024)


Where to go for Valentine's Day in San Diego? ›

10+ Romantic Things to Do in San Diego
  • Wander Balboa Park. ...
  • Stroll the Japanese Friendship Garden. ...
  • Explore the Art World. ...
  • Reflect on Your History. ...
  • Adventure Through La Jolla. ...
  • Hop Aboard a Romantic Cruise. ...
  • Indulge in a Romantic Dinner. ...
  • Take in a Show.

How to make your girlfriend feel really special on Valentine's Day? ›

Just remember to make plans and reservations in advance since everything books up quickly on and around Valentine's Day.
  1. Plan an outdoor adventure. ...
  2. Retro-style date. ...
  3. Wine or beer tasting. ...
  4. Take her to a show or event. ...
  5. Go to a class together. ...
  6. Glam night out. ...
  7. Out of town retreat. ...
  8. Relive your first date.
Jan 12, 2020

What is your ideal romantic Valentine's night? ›

Prepare a Special Meal

If you or your partner like to cook, go all out with a multi-course Valentine's Day dinner. Or put a twist on it—maybe you want to make it a night of quick appetizers or serve a slew of aphrodisiacs in your feast.

How can I have romantic Valentines Day? ›

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples
  1. Take a Pottery Class. In lieu of spending money on gifts this year, put those funds toward a couple's pottery class. ...
  2. Get Dreamy at the Planetarium. ...
  3. Plan a Romantic Getaway. ...
  4. Go to a Concert. ...
  5. Book a Cooking Class. ...
  6. Buy Museum Passes. ...
  7. Head to the Movies. ...
  8. Explore Your Hometown.

Where is the most romantic place for Valentines? ›

Some popular romantic destinations for couples include Paris, the city of love; Venice, with its picturesque canals; and Santorini, with its stunning sunset views. Other options could include a cozy cabin in the mountains, a private beach resort, or a cultural city with plenty of dining and entertainment options.

What is the most popular Valentine's day activities? ›

Best Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Her
  • Take a Romantic Dance Class. ...
  • Revisit a Sentimental Spot. ...
  • Write a Love Letter. ...
  • Make a Delicious Dinner. ...
  • Go to the Ballet or Opera. ...
  • Attend a Local Festival. ...
  • Provide a Day of Pampering. ...
  • Give Her a Handmade Gift.
Mar 21, 2024

What do bf and gf do on valentines day? ›

Here are some ideas: Romantic dinner: Enjoy a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or cook a special meal at home. Movie night: Cuddle up with your partner and watch a romantic movie, either at home or at the cinema. Weekend getaway: Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a nearby town or city.

How do I treat my girlfriend romantically? ›

Engage in physical touch to make her feel loved.

Physical touch can not only improve your communication with your girlfriend, it can make her feel special, relaxed, and emotionally close to you. Try holding her hand in public, hugging her, or putting your arm around her shoulders to let her know you're there for her.

Where can I take my girlfriend for Valentine's Day? ›

Take a hike.

Even if it's cold where you live, taking a scenic hike is a great way to unplug and unwind this Valentine's Day. Maybe there's a favorite spot where you live, or you might want to try one of the best hikes in the U.S. Either way, you're bound to have a fun time because you're in great company.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique way? ›

Trying a new recipe together

You could try a new recipe that your partner loves and has never tried before, or you could even create a recipe together that shows how much you care about your partner. This is a great way to surprise your special someone with a present that they will enjoy as well.

How can I impress my partner on Valentine's Day? ›

Genuine handwritten notes expressing your emotions are a great way to make a lasting impression. Also, you might give her some thoughtful presents that will undoubtedly show how much you care, like flowers or a little memento. The ideal setting can be created with a romantic meal or a cozy date night at home.

How can I make my crush happy on Valentine's Day? ›

Be honest, be yourself, and be your best self!
  1. Dress up your best: While approaching your crush on Valentine's Day, dress up well! ...
  2. Sharing a common interest: ...
  3. Funny text message: ...
  4. Flowers: ...
  5. Hand-written letter: ...
  6. Give a heartfelt gift: ...
  7. DIY to impress your crush! ...
  8. Create a romantic playlist:
Jan 18, 2024

Where should I take my boyfriend for Valentines day? ›

Book tickets for a night out.

Peruse local events calendar to see what plays, concerts, or other events are going on and buy tickets in advance. You could even just go see a movie in theatres together. Whatever you choose, be sure to dress up and take a picture together at some point in the night.

Where to go during Valentine's? ›

10 Romantic Getaway Ideas in Singapore to Celebrate Valentine's Day in 2024
  • Wild Dandelions Dome Workshop. ...
  • Marina Bay Sands - Sampan Rides. ...
  • Coastes Beach Bar. ...
  • Sofitel Spa at 5 Star Sofitel Singapore, Sentosa Resort & Spa | Singapore. ...
  • Singapore Flyer. ...
  • SuperPark Singapore. ...
  • AIRZONE Singapore. ...
  • Singapore River Cruise.
Feb 6, 2024

What places celebrate Valentine's day? ›

Valentine's Day in 30 Countries Around the World
  • Argentina. ...
  • Brazil. ...
  • Bulgaria. ...
  • Chile. ...
  • China. ...
  • Colombia and Guatemala. ...
  • Czech Republic. ...
  • Denmark and Norway.

How do I celebrate Valentine's day with my girlfriend? ›

Here are some creative new ideas to plan a romantic Valentine's Day for your girlfriend and pamper her with the dose of extra love.
  1. Start Early With Breakfast in Bed. ...
  2. Spend the Day with Her. ...
  3. Watch a Romantic Movie. ...
  4. Recreate Your First Date. ...
  5. A Scavenger Hunt. ...
  6. Take Her for a Fancy Candlelight Dinner. ...
  7. Surprise with a Gift.


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